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TV100 is a channel primarily focused on the state of Uttarakhand and has been tirelessly working for the last 10 years for general upliftment of the state and its denizens. It is focusing on news & current affairs Of the state. TV100 is a free to air channel and transmitting through Insert 4A at 83 degrees east in mpeg 2 mode. The channel is also available live at www.tv100.info Live Tv in phone:-Android App. at Play store. We are inviting nominations from Hotels, Resorts and allied tourism related activities organisers. TV100 Hospitality and Tourism Excellence Award, recongnise and reward hotels and spas that deliver exceptional levels of service and world class facilities to its guests. Be becoming an award winning hotel/ Operator, you can showcase your hotel /activities much more than that and as a guest experience it will live with your guests for many years and which will help you to elevate your hotel and activities over your competitors.


Department of Tourism, Government of Uttarakhand is taking an initiative to promote Tourism Sector in the state. Government of Uttarakhand in association with TV100 presents “TV100 Hospitality & Tourism Excellence Awards”by focusing on quality presentations,locations and services done by hotel, Resort and allied activity organisers. TV100,the No.1 News Channel of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh with reach and responsibility taking initiative to promote Tourism Sector in Uttarakhand by appreciating the quality and good work being done in hospitality industry. Uttarakhand is a beautiful state in lap of potent Himalaya. Uttarakhand is attracted with various tourist attractions namely wonderful snow-laden peaks, gushing rivers, lush tropical forest and cascading waterfalls dotting it everywhere ,wholesome weather and a cheerful ambiance year- round and a lovingly fusion of cultures & cuisines. The event will be inundated with numerous entries from throughout the states and this makes for a very tight competition.

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